Our pets are important family members whom we squeeze, scratch, comb, in a word - we love. But sometimes we absolutely do not understand what they need. And it's not strange: they cannot tell us about their worries. What if you could? Then, with the arrival of spring, we would only hear that 'scratch me here', 'and now here.' As it gets warmer, all kinds of parasites are beginning to pester our pets: fleas, ticks.
Every dog needs a daily walk. This is an immutable truth. And if you decide to have a pet, it is worth remembering both the need for regular walks and the fact that every dog needs protection. First of all, we mean protection from fleas and skin parasites.

You will be surprised, but even the smallest dog, which often travels in the purse of its owner, can pick up fleas. And in the spring, no one is insured against ticks at all.

Fleas can attack a dog not only during a walk. Often they take over a house or apartment - and in this case, the help of pest controllers will be required. And even if your pet is very small, and you do not walk it beyond the backyard, there is always a danger of bringing flea eggs on the soles of your shoes. Therefore, regular treatment for fleas and ticks is part of the routine of any dog owner.
Why Is Flea Prevention Routine so Important for Small Breeds?
Let's determine why treatment for fleas and ticks is so necessary for your pet because it seems that they are not dangerous at all, only annoying?

Fleas сan be a source of infection with tapeworms and other parasites. Their bites are irritating to both animals and humans. Once settled in the house, fleas can become unwanted neighbors for a long time.
Ear mites are a special type of scabies mites that live in the ear canals of cats and dogs. The disease they cause is called otodectosis (ear itch). These parasites feed on blood and skin flakes (epidermis) and, multiplying, fill the ear canal with dark brown contents. This can lead to the development of a bacterial infection.
Scale mites are a type of mite that makes tunnels and tunnels in the subcutaneous layer, in each of which they lay 2 - 6 eggs while causing severe itching. The disease they cause is called sarcoptic mange. Younger and emaciated animals are more susceptible. Sarcoptic mange reaches its greatest distribution in autumn-winter period, as well as under unsanitary conditions of keeping animals.
Ticks are blood-sucking parasites that carry dangerous animal diseases. Ticks attack dogs mainly in the spring with the onset of warm weather and the first vegetation.
Ixodid ticks of the genus Dermacentor are carriers of canine piroplasmosis.
Borreliosis (Lyme disease) and anaplasmosis are no less dangerous, but less common diseases carried by ticks. Borreliosis and anaplasmosis often become chronic, since their early diagnosis is difficult.
At the same time, without the correct selection of medications to protect against parasites and regular wearing of a small dog flea collar, your pet's health may be at risk.
Mandatory Steps for Treating Small Breed Dogs from Ticks and Fleas
It is necessary to treat small breeds of dogs from fleas and ticks at any age. Usually, in infancy, chemical parasite-killing agents are harmful to puppies. Therefore, babies up to 4 weeks of age should be handled with extreme care and only with medications approved by your veterinarian. Most often, at this stage, manual collection of fleas from the puppy's skin or special combs is used.
After the puppy is 1 month old, you can use natural products. For example, use a flea shampoo. Additionally, for protection, you can already buy a flea collar for dogs of small breeds.
From the age of 2 months (for very small breeds it is even older), you can use stronger chemical agents to combat fleas and ticks. But remember that low-quality medications can be harmful because they affect your pet's liver.
TOP-4 Best Products for Small Dogs Flea and Tick Prevention
As small breeds are more demanding to the quality and concentration of flea and tick removing medicins, we decided to share with you our experience in choosing the most effective yet safe flea collars. In that article, we emphasize flea collars as these items provide your pet with long-lasting protection and they could be used on a constant basis.
Sobaken is one more naturally-based small dog flea and tick collar at our rate. It can be used both for puppies and small breeds with a brilliant effect. Based on essential oils, that collar is represented by a manufacturer as a non-allergenic, durable and efficient collar. In the list of its effects, there are fleas, ticks, flea larvae, chewing lice and scale mites prevention. The effect lasts as in chemical-based collars for 8 months and more. For its price that is quite similar to Beaphar and Serestro products, it shows more bright sides.
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Beaphar Flea&Tick is a waterproof collar in the middle price segment. In the range of the manufacture, that flea collar for dogs buying is worth considering for dogs of bigger breeds. Pros of that collar are in its water resistance and strong durable effect.If talking about cons:
+ It has a fully chemical basis with 15% diazinon as an active component.+ The collar has a cumulative effect. It won't work immediately.
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Bayer AG Foresto/Seresto

This European brand of pets goods presents its Seresto collar for the US audience. One of the pros of it is the variety of options for various dog breeds from the smallest ones. Yet, the Seresto collar is also chemically-based with two active components: imidacloprid that effectively acts on all stages of fleas in the pet's environment and lice and flumethrin that scares away and destroys ticks at all stages of its development.
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Dr Mercola that is represented on the iHerb website is a fully natural product designed specially for puppies and small breeds. Based on geranium oil and almond oil, it protects pet's skin from fleas and ticks. Among these pros, yet, there is a flea in the ointment. It can be used only for 3-4 months. Then the efficiency declines. One more fact: you should use it with care if your dog has allergy issues.
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Some Tips on How to Prevent Flea Invasion and Tick Bites
When you decide to buy a dog tick and flea collar, it's only the first step towards your cutie's health and skin protection. There are some tips that will help you avoid flea invasion and tick attack.
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Regularly groom your dog. Grooming helps to keep the fur healthy and it helps meeting the problem of flea or tick invasion timely.
Regular cleaning of dog's things is a must. Wash your cutie's toys, bowls, clean his bed place not to allow fleas to propagate.
Flea control both inside and outside your house is necessary. If you have a backyard or a lawn, please, use special insecticides to control pests.
Check out weekly your puppy's fur. Besides grooming, a regular check out will help you not to miss the problem.

Take care of your cuties. Do not allow parasites to spoil their skin health and mood. Choose a small dog flea collar to buy and regularly inspect your dog's fur to be sure he has no ticks or fleas who can make his life quality lower.